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An article by Robin Knight on the operations of the oil and gas services company Petrofac in Abu Dhabi  was published  by Petrofacts magazine in November, 2016.



2016 - Petrofacts Saudi Arabia










The June, 2016 issue of Petrofacts, the twice a year corporate magazine of Petrofac Ltd., carried an article by Robin Knight about the company’s activities in Saudi Arabia.











In June The Old Pangbournian Society in conjunction with Knightwrite Ltd. and Gilmour Print published The Old Pangbournian Record as part of the centenary-related events at Pangbourne College . Consisting of 150,000 words and about 150 illustrations, the book brings together the obituaries and death notices of 1,250 Old Pangbournians who have died from 1917 – 2016. It was compiled, collated, researched and edited by Robin Knight.













In March, 2016 a beautifully designed and illustrated centenary history of Pangbourne College written by Robin Knight was published by Profile Books/Third Millennium Information. It may be purchased for £35 from the College Shop at the school

The book consists of 12 chapters tracing the evolution of this distinctive school from its foundation in 1917 to the present day. More than 160 photos and illustrations complement the text together with about 50 boxes on particular topics related to the College.



In 2015 Knightwrite continued to edit the English-language version of BP in Azerbaijan’s quarterly magazine Compass.

2015 - Compass










Robin Knight wrote a corporate profile for Petrofacts, the company magazine of the oil and gas services company Petrofac Ltd. It appeared in March 2015. Another article for Petrofacts, on Algeria, appeared in the October, 2015 issue.

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A book review written by Robin Knight about media coverage of violent conflict appeared in the Palestine-Israel Journal Vol. 20, No. 1 in 2015.

During 2012-14 Knightwrite was involved in the editing of The Surtees Collection, a two-volume 800-page work listing nearly 11,000 mainly 18th & 19th century novels collected by Anthony Surtees. The books were published in the summer of 2014.

In 2013-14 Robin Knight conducted a major historical research project at the National Archives at Kew into the life of a forgotten World War Two hero, Lt. Cdr. C.M.B. Cumberlege, DSO and Bar. The 5,200 word article may be viewed on the Royal Navy Research Archive site at










Knightwrite continues to provide editorial services for BP Azerbaijan’s Compass magazine including the Spring 2014 issue


Issues 44, 45 & 46 of the Old Pangbournian magazine, edited by Robin Knight, appeared in March 2014,2015 & 2016.


A profile of Sir William Sargent, CEO of Framestore, was written by Robin Knight and appeared in the November, 2013, issue of Trinity Today, the magazine for alumni of Dublin University. Another article – a profile of Bank of merica Merrill Lynch COO Jennifer Taylor, appeared in the November, 2015 issue.Jennifer_Taylor_photo2013


In May 2012 Knightwrite edited an English-language anniversary version of Compass <ahref=”″.html”> a BP publication for employees in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. This special 56-page publication celebrated 20 years’ oil production by BP in the Caspian region.


Other projects have included the first ten issues of BP in Azerbaijan’s annual Sustainability Report which may be read at <ahref=””>

In March 2012 Issue 42 of The Pangbournian magazine was again edited by Knightwrite and an article about cruising on Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth liner appeared on

An e-version of A Road Less Travelled was published in August, 2012, through  A press release can be read at“>

In September 2011 Knightwrite published its first book – A Road Less Travelled by Robin Knight. A memoir of a varied and unusual career, reader reaction (shown elsewhere on this site) has been very positive. The book costs £20 and is available from us direct through


In June 2011 the US State Department’s Foreign Service Journal published a report, researched and written by Knightwrite’s MD Robin Knight, on the relationship between American correspondents and senior diplomats in Moscow during the Cold War. It may be read at

In June 2011 Rolls Royce magazine carried an article on oil and gas developments on Russia’s Sakhalin Island researched and written by Knightwrite www.rolls-royce.comAboutPublicationsThe Magazine

A book review written by Robin Knight appeared in the Spring 2011 issue of the North Texan magazine published by the University of North Texas

A speech written by Knightwrite, “Open Markets Work”, was given by Ian Taylor, President and CEO of Vitol Group of Companies, at the International Petroleum Week conference held in London in February 2011…/energy-markets-do-work-vitol-group-president

Microloan Foundation, a leading microfinance NGO working in southern Africa, commissioned Knightwrite to compile, write and edit its 2008-09-10-11-12-13-14 reviews and its website profile

Epoch Times, an Asian weekly newspaper, carried a review on cruising in SE Asia and the Indian Ocean in 2010 compiled by Knightwrite

An article by Robin Knight about books on Russia and the Soviet Union titled “Shelves of My Life” was published in Issue 25 of the quarterly London magazine Slightly Foxed


Family history research by Knightwrite in 2010 resulted in a ground-breaking article that appeared in New Zealand