KnightWrite researches, writes and edits a wide range of corporate reports. Among examples:

Mobility 2030: meeting the challenges to sustainability. Sponsored by 12 leading international companies including General Motors, Toyota, Shell, Michelin, Norsk Hydro and Volkswagen and produced by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, this report was issued in 2004. It sets out a vision of sustainable mobility and ways to achieve it. The report can be read on the WBCSD website by accessing Mobility – Publications

Pipelines and people: Sponsored by the BTC Co., this booklet introduces the reader to some of the benefits provided by the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and South Caucasus pipelines. It is available from BP Distribution Services 44 (0) 870 241 3269. A related feature is available on the BTC website in the section on Pipelines & People.

BP in Azerbaijan Sustainability Report 2003-10: These annual reports describe how BP Azerbaijan performed against a set of sustainability targets during the previous calendar year. They are part of the BP group’s suite of Sustainability Reports issued worldwide. They may be accessed at

Partnership for progress: This report describes BP’s social investment in China and shows how the company’s policy commitments are being put into action. It can be obtained from the BP Distribution Service or through the China website on


KnightWrite offers a complete editorial service in the production of corporate brochures of every description.

Working with the client and supported by leading design companies, KnightWrite helps to devise a total package including formulating a basic approach, focusing the corporate message, identifying and selecting suitable images and researching and writing the text.

In co-operation with the well-known London design agency Pauffley Ltd., KnightWrite compiled the text for TNK-BP’s first corporate brochure – This is TNK-BP. Produced in Russian and English, the brochure set new standards of transparency, content and design for corporate publications issued by large Russian-based companies.

Other company brochures researched, written and produced by KnightWrite include   The World of BP, The World of BP Amoco, Exploring Inam, BTC Expansion, What is Watershare? BP in Chin and BP Shipping – What We Offer.


KnightWrite provides a full bespoke service to companies needing writing support in the production of Annual Reports and similar corporate publications. Examples include:

BP Amoco Annual Report & Accounts 1998:  Business Operating Review and Environmental and Social Review sections.

British Energy Annual Report & Accounts 1996/97: Chief Executive’s Review.

Zurich Re 1996 Annual Report & Accounts 1996: The Discovery section.

BP Shipping Review 2006: A year in the life of one of Britain’s leading shipping companies.

Microloan Foundation:  Annual reviews for 2008-09 and 2010 were researched, compiled and written by Knightwrite.


Knightwrite has long experience of writing and issuing press releases for both large and small companies, generating press interest and handling press inquiries.


KnightWrite researches, writes and edits articles and feature spreads on behalf of companies for external publication in national and international media and trade magazines. It produces entire publications, compiles and edits magazines, writes online articles and produces one-off special reports and corporate books.


Examples include:

Partnership – BP in the community:  A special issue of prestigious BP Magazine that focused on the company’s role in the community around the world.

Between Two Seas – a quarterly report published in association with the magazine Azerbaijan International. It charted the construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline.


This is Russia – an extensive briefing on Russia prepared for an internal company website in 2003.

Special Report on Travel – Time-Europe magazine’s annual travel and tourism survey, written and edited in 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. The 1999 report won Robin Knight the LCCI Award for the Best Leisure Submission at the Business Journalist of the Year Awards presented in the City of London Guildhall.

Pipelines & People – a monthly online feature researched and written for the BTC Company about communities along the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline route. It can be viewed by accessing the website

A Window on the Kingdom a coffee table book produced in English and Arabic for a western company operating in Saudi Arabia.

First Oil – an illustrated history of the $4 billion, 1,768km long Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline project for the BTC Co.

Clean Seas – a 28-page publication written and edited for BP Shipping that details BP Shipping’s environmental performance.

Safe Ships – a 32-page publication written and edited for BP Shipping which describes BP Shipping’s safety at sea record

The Flag – a monthly online publication produced 2006-09 for the worldwide staff of BP Shipping. It can be accessed at in the publications section.

Rolls Royce “The Magazine” – articles on energy-related developments undertaken by the global power-systems company.

Compass – the quarterly house magazine of BP in Azerbaijan (English language editing)



KnightWrite reports, writes and edits special advertising/sponsored sections published by the UK and international media.

Charter – responsible business in the 21st century was edited and written by Robin Knight for Time/Fortune publications in association with The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum.

The Euro – a report for Time magazine’s Japan Edition about the Euro currency and the European Union.

Kenya – ready for business – a country profile prepared for Time magazine.

Lindbergh: an inspiration for generations – an advertorial report prepared for the Swiss watch-makers Longines which appeared as a company profile in Time magazine as part of a Time Special Report on travel called Travel’s New Horizon.



KnightWrite produces and edits website copy on behalf of UK-based and international companies and manages websites.

BP Shipping website  was edited and written by KnightWrite during 2007. BP Shipping transports oil and gas cargoes for the BP group and is a leading player in the global shipping industry.

Edgo website was compiled and edited by KnightWrite in 2007. Edgo, based in Jordan, is a leading Mideast company providing services for the oil and gas industry.

Old Pangbournian Society website  is managed by KnightWrite Ltd