Researching, writing and editing corporate speeches demands a special skills set and is part of the core service offered by Knightwrite to companies and prominent individuals.


A few central factors determine our approach to speech-writing. Clarity is the key. Context is all-important. Tone is crucial – corporate speeches should be as humble, yet as authoritative, as possible. Confidentiality is absolute.


Each speech should be rooted in reality not rhetoric. All speeches should be as succinct as possible, always remembering that a public speech is a performance. Speech writers should never be possessive about what they produce produces for others to deliver.


Based on these guidelines, Knightwrite has produced high-level business speeches since 1997, building up a wealth of hands-on experience. Among examples:


Partners in Eduction – speech by Gordon Birrell, BP’s Regional President for Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, June 19, 2014

A Vital National Resource – BP Azerbaijan Regional President Gordon Birrell to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the CTTC training centre in Azerbaijan, May 2014

Markets do work – Ian Taylor, President & CEO Vitol Group of Companies, to International Petroleum Week function, London, 2011

Creating new opportunity – Lewis Gillies, CEO Hydrogen Energy, 2007

Texas City refinery explosion: lessons learned – John Mogford, BP group vice president for safety & operations, to Center for Chemical Process Safety 2nd global congress, USA, 2006

Agents of change – preparing for a world where carbon has a price – Vivienne Cox, BP CEO Gas, Power & Renewables, to World Gas Conference, Amsterdam, 2006

Technology and Alaska’s future – Tony Meggs, BP vice president technology, Anchorage, USA, 2004

The dilemma of sustainability – Richard Paniguian, BP group vice president, to Prince of Wales business and the environment programme, Cambridge University, 2004

Contributing to wealth management – David Rice, BP group policy advisor, to Open Society Institute conference on the Caspian region, Washington DC, 2003

Emissions trading – Charles Nicholson, BP group policy advisor, Beesley Lecture on Regulation, 2003

Social responsibility on a global scale – Paula Banks, BP Amoco vice president global social investment, to New Academy of Business conference on corporate responsibility, London, 2002

The value of partnership – Ellis Armstrong, BP group vice president Caribbean & Latin America, to Institute of the Americas conference, California, USA, 2002

Driving standards higher – Dr. Gary Dirks, President BP China, to a Beijing symposium 2001

The energy industry in the 21st century – Dr. Byron Grote, MD BP Chemicals, Charles Tennant Memorial Lecture, Aberdeen, 2001

Delivering long term performance and growth – Dr. John Buchanan, BP Amoco chief financial officer, to European CEO & Investors Forum, Edinburgh, 2000

Good business – Richard Newton, BP group vice president regions & policies, to Royal Institute of International Affairs conference on corruption, London, 1999

Partnership in action – Dr. Chris Gibson-Smith, BP Amoco MD Policies & Technology, to the Oxfam International Board, 1999


[Many of these presentations may be accessed in full in the archive under Speeches]